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The order was canceled, but the customer USES THE VIDEO. Customer Support doesn't answer me

how does fiverr have as many sellers as it does, that’s what i’d like to know

i wouldn’t want to become a seller if you threatened me with a combustible ginuepig

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I think maybe you simply have too many things that went wrong on both sides here for anyone to sort easily, with a clear cut decision.

I agree that the (non) buyer using that video despite not paying, esp. as a result of complaint that it was not geed enough, is testament to their duplicity.

But short of asking YouTube to sanction it, you have nowhere to go - at least nowhere that will not do you more damage than good.

Fiverr have washed their hands of it (for right or wrong) so my advice is move on and don’t make the same mistakes again.



I have answered every one of those questions like 5 times on these threads. But I want to answer this

“You choose to deliver files through a third party website/drive etc. They cannot protect your work delivered outside of their platform.”

Fiverr was bugged at that time. Neither I could see the buyers files nor could I send any delivery via Fiverr.


No excuse.

You choose to deliver files through a third party website/drive etc”

What more can be added? You made your bed. You delivered outside the marketplace then hit problems, what a surprise!

You stalk CS with how many messages, and insult them on the forums, then wonder why they’re not helping you? Yeah CS are swamped and have issues but honestly I think you blew any chance you had when you went around making demands on them.

It’s a few bucks and a few hours, maybe a little principle in there too, but at what point are you going to get over it and move on, or are you going to let this buyer hold you under emotional hostage till your last breath?

  • How long has this been going on now?
  • How many hours have you wasted on it?
  • What progressive stuff could you have done for your business in that same time?
  • How many new customers could you have secured through other channels in that time?
  • Have you not wasted more time and effort on this than it is worth?
  • At what point are you going to take ownership of this issue and move beyond it?

It’s a loss, moaning about it just steals more of your time and energy, making the loss even bigger.

Would it not be better to write it off and move forward?


Wow you are really worked up about this. A person stole my work and you blame me for a bug that is caused by Fiverr?

Some people really don’t want others to get what is their right… Wow.


It is allowed by Fiverr according to this:

If the file you are delivering is too big or you are experiencing other technical limitations, you may use alternative methods to send a file (e.g., Dropbox, etc.).


I mean, I also have proof. I still can’t see their files delivered on the requirements section, and the buyer provided screenshots that they did deliver there.

Literally victim blaming here.


If it was down you should have taken a screen shot.

Yeah yeah victim blaming, step up mate, take some responsibility, it’s always someone else isn’t it?

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Using dropbox/google drive isn’t the issue here anyway, it could have happened the same way if it had been delivered as a Fiverr attachment. And like I siad, Fiverr allows it.

I don’t know why you’re saying “If it was down you should have taken a screen shot.” when I’m not the OP. But I deliver large files via dropbox usually (eg. > 100 MB) because it’s allowed (though I’ll deliver lower res files too usually as an attachment). Because of technical limiations (eg. one connection failure or other failure with Fiverr and it would take ages to send everything again, unlike with dropbox).

But the main point is the OP’s buyer is illegally using the OP’s work, which the OP hasn’t been paid for and support doesn’t seem to be helping.


I am not the one with a series of posts / threads / unanswered support issues, therefore I think you;'re the one who is worked up and needed a bit of tough love to say get the hell over it and move on.


And my point is that the OP has been wasting how much mental energy on this over the weeks?

At what point does the energy spent trying to recoup something far exceed the cost trying to be recouped?

The OP is going on like he’s been diddled out of his life savings, it’s a gig on Fiverr that went pear shaped, nobody died, we all get stung sometimes, get the hell over it and move on it my main point but it’s falling on deaf ears I suspect.


Maybe it’s the principle of it. If support allows it this time they’ll probably keep allowing it. Also $250 is quite a bit of money to just ignore and allow the buyer to get away with (keep the money and the delivery and is using it), though it depends how much the OP normally earns through Fiverr. I think it’s also about the review. They like the video so much they’re using it but there’s still a low rated review and the OP hasn’t been paid for the work.


Just a question. Is the “Buyer” owner of your work? Do they own any rights to your work?

I guess not if they did not pay for it…


I suggest you read before commenting about an issue.


Creating several posts about the same issue won’t help you.

Good Luck!!

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I have read a lot and understood you want to get paid for your delivery.

Is it likely to happen?

The answer is no.

Are you angry with buyer because he uses the video without paying for it?

I guess you are.

Buyer has no right to your delivery because he never paid for it. So why don’t you submit a copyright takedown request to Youtube?


Keep contacting CS that can only help you in this situation.

Not sure why you chose to isolate these specific quotes from my replies, but the OP can’t gain anything from further pursuing this.

There is a point where one needs to cut their losses, it’s the only way forward.

I show them the buyer is using the video without paying and I don’t get an answer for a week. Great.

The least they can do is just READ the goddamn ticket.

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