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Why I can't sell my gig?


I can’t sell my gigs. Please help me.


What’s the real problem? Plz elaborate more.


sent buyer request and promote you gig social group…


@safaberich Every day send buyer request and 24 hours connect your account online.


There are a LOT of gigs here offering writing gigs, standing out in that category would not be easy. Also, I noticed some typos and grammar errors in your description. Buyers will notice that pretty quickly. I think your English is fine, but I’m afraid it might not be enough for some native speakers when it comes to writing.


Thank you very much. I will change them.


Promote your gig on social media platforms.


please read my recent topics


@rajugreenlover good tips brother.


Thank You, brother. Will try with doing this.


You Can


My plesure . Best of luck :+1::grinning:


My plesure . Best of luck :grinning::grinning:


@mehedi6465 i’m try always :+1: