Why new seller is disappoint on late getting order


why new seller not get order easily


No sellers get order easily.
New sellers are disappointed because they think it is easy but it isn’t, not for new sellers, not for level 1/2, not for TRS or Pro. It is not easy.


what you suggest for new sellers to get order easily.


I recommend this but there is no easy way.


i new seller on fiverr but have lot of experience in my field so. what i do more after improve my gigs. because my gigs imprssion is also going up


If you clicked the link I gave you, you would have seen the 4th or 5th post which was this:

Perhaps start there but if you are not going to make the effort to look at things like that post then there is not really much point in me giving any other tips, is there?


As I am also a new seller it’s getting tough for me to get orders.



I imagine it would be, since you are pretending to be someone you are not. You are neither a woman, nor the woman in your profile pic (which was stolen from a stock photo website).

Buyers don’t like to purchase from sellers who are committing fraud.


But reading is hard, it takes effort and work so why can’t you just tell me?


Hello excelmasterr, please for your own sake and since you said it’s tough for you to get orders, use a real photo. If you are ugly or male or young that’s ok and much better than using a fake stock girl photo. No one is going to believe that’s you.


I am also new seller it is very tough to getting order…i have no order yet…


You right …i am using my own photo…