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So Finally My 1 Mistake, Disappointed with Fiverr Support


i had posted about my experience with a new buyer, where i had delivered (overdelivered later on) but instead of responding to my messages, this guy kept on filing dispute on dispute (over 6 times).

earlier thread: [Weird Buyer - After Delivery filing Dispute over Dispute]

I talked to customer support, but they keep saying i should talk to the buyer (in my case he didn’t replied my message).

And finally today i mistakely accepted his Dispute, i wrote the delivery message and instead of clicking Decline I hitted Accept.

So at last a loyal worker worked for FREE where Fiverr Support didn’t supported a Seller, even they have proof and i was totally with their policy and terms.

I had some hope with the terms of Fiverr’s policy as quoted on this thread : Fiverr is not helping me. Client ask for refund after everything was done

But now i don’t trust Fiverr’s Customer Support.

With my experience what i found that, any SCAMMER can come, order and later file a dispute and get the work for FREE.

This was my experience.

PS: I had created a new ticket to support about my mistakely click on Agree, but as per my earlier conversation that shows CS much supportive to buyers, i don’t think they will offer any justice to me.

This is my experience. Which can be lesson to other sellers and this is based on my personal experience.

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There is already and existing thread about this [ Fiverr is not helping me. Client ask for refund after everything was done ]